The Zimmerman Telegram

   The Zimmerman Telegram represents one of the key turning points of the 20th Century.  The note, of German origin, was supposed to entice Mexico to join the German war effort and invade the United States.  The telegram was intercepted by the British and decoded in the famed Room 40.  When released to the American press in early 1917, it created a firestorm, galvanizing public opinion against the Germans.  The translation is below:
zim1_sm.jpg (12183 bytes)    We intend to begin unrestricted U-boat war on February first. It will be attempted to keep the United States neutral nevertheless. In the event this should not succeed, we will offer Mexico an alliance on the following terms. Together make war, together peace. Generous financial support and understanding on our part that Mexico conquer back former lost territory in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona. Settlement details to be left to Your Excellency. You will inform the President [of Mexico] of the foregoing in strictest secrecy, as soon as war's outbreak with the United States is certain and suggest that he invite Japan to immediately join in and at the same time mediate between us and Japan. Please point out to the President, that ruthless employment of our U-boats now offers prospect, to compel England to peace in a few months. Receipt Acknowledge. 

Zimmermann. End of Dispatch."    

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