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Course Info and Requirements

History is what you make it. If you choose to think of history as a random collection of name and dates from the past, that will be its only use to you. However, if you choose to apply the lessons and skills that you will discover in this course, you will be prepared to take advantage of opportunities that you will encounter in your lifetime.

In this demanding course, we will introduce the major social, political and economic themes and concepts of western civilizations. We will emphasize the role of geography in the growth and decline of civilizations, the role of art and architecture in historical cultures, the application of universal historical themes and concepts to today's world, the development of analytical writing, and the development of student social skills within the classroom.

The following are requirements for success in this course:

I. Attendance - The NVHS Attendance Policies are followed. You may be dropped from this course after three (3) unexcused or twelve (12) cumulative absences.

II. Responsibility - You are responsible for any and all work missed due to excused absences. Work missed due to unexcused absences will receive an automatic zero. Late work can receive at most half (50%) credit. No late work in a unit of study is accepted after that unit's test.

III. Preparation - Completion of homework assignments and readings is essential. Being prepared gives you the opportunity to succeed on tests and quizzes. Not being prepared leads to poor performance and missing assignments.

IV. Participation - You are expected to participate in discussions and group work, answer when called upon and be attentive to material being presented.

V. Respect - Respect the opinions and input of your classmates, their goals and the goals of the teacher.

VI. Pride - Autograph everything you do with excellence! Take ownership of the things you produce, the knowledge you acquire and the skills you learn.

VII. Honesty - The NVHS Academic Honesty Policy is followed. Read it. Know it.

Grading Scale
A=91-100 B=81-90 C=71-80 D=65-70 F=64 and below

Course Syllabus

1st Semester

The Ancient World
Egypt, The Middle East
India and China
The Classical World
Greece and Rome
The Medieval World
Age of Charlemagne
The Middle Ages
Renaissance and
2nd Semester

Age of Exploration
Age of Monarchs
and Absolutism
Age of Revolutions
Scientific Revolution
The Enlightenment
English and American
The French Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
The Modern World
World War I