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... for the Week of May 8, 2000


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Counter-Culture - Vietnam Cartoons - Read Kerry Letter (pg. 21)
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Vietnam Cartoons 
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) The Black Wall
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) The Black Wall
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) TEST over Vietnam (Chap. 30)

... for the Week of May 1, 2000


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China Beach - Visions of War, Dreams of Peace
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Vietnam Maze
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) 1968 - Days of Rage
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) May 4, 1970 - Kent State
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Protest Music - 1/2 Day

... for the Week of April 24, 2000


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McNamara Video - READ 30.1
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Vietnam Chronology
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) The Gulf of Tonkin - Green Light for War - READ 30.2
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Vietnam Diaries
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Jungle Warfare - Forrest Gump excerpt

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Eisenhower and Johnson explain why we're in Vietnam

Hear Country Joe McDonald's anti-war anthem, "I'm-fixin'-to-die-rag"

Hear Four Dead in Ohio - The Shootings at Kent State - May 4, 1970

Visions of War, Dreams of Peace: Poetry by Vietnam nurses

The Black Wall - The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Harvard-educated, Vietnamese nationalist Ho Chi Minh led the North Vietnamese, pro-communist forces.   Fearing the domino effect, American troops, first under Kennedy, "advised" the South Vietnamese.  But following JFK's death, Johnson escalated the "chopper war" so that by '65, more than 500,000 GI's were in country.   The enemy and the environment (often one in the same) became difficult hurdles for American troops.
As the death tolls began to rise on both sides, and the Vietcong seemed no more willing to cease their resistance.  Frustration on both the political and home fronts began to surface. Two events in Vietnam in 1968 began the slippery slope.  First, the Tet Offensive became a moral victory for the North.  And second, what became known as the My Lai Massacre, where more than 500 villagers, including women and children, were killed by American soldiers. The 1968 Election became crucial for anti-war demonstrators who descended upon the Democratic convention in Chicago.  Mayor Richard Daley and his police were widely criticized for using excessive force in subduing protestors outside the convention hall.
When Nixon began bombing Cambodia and Laos in May, 1970, America erupted in protest again.  On the campus at Kent State, four students were shot by National Guard troops.  In April, 1975, helicopters evacuate the nearby US Embassy in the capital city of Saigon;  the city America defended for nearly two decades falls.  Did America lose its longest war in history?

Chapter 30
Section One Sections Two
Ho Chi Minh, Dien Bien Phu and the Domino theory Define containment and escalation
Vietminh and Vietcong - the difference Difficulties of jungle warfare
Diem's assassination and the Gulf of Tonkin - Green lights to war Low morale in the field and at home...why?
Section Three Section Four
Explain the "working class war" 1968 - Tet and My Lai
Role of SDS and Campus activism Crisis throughout the nation - where, why
Relevency of doves and hawks Nixon's promise - Vietnamization 
Section Five
Pullout and Peace with Honor - Define
Connection between Cambodia and Kent State
The war's numerous painful legacies

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