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Final Exam Page


This page is designed to be a quick resource guide to the First Semester Final Exam.

This should be considered a supplement to review sessions, not a replacement for them.


          Constitution (20?s)

    Powers (what do you have? Bill of Rights…) - Powers (What do they have? Exec., Jud., and Leg.)

    Hamilton and Jefferson (how do they compare...or contrast?)

    Marbury v. Madison - significance?

    Making of the Constitution (2 compromises) large vs. small, slave vs. free…know them.

    Why the first document (the Articles) failed...


    Minorities (20?s)

    Repression – can be a law, a tax or an idea (i.e. Manifest Destiny)

    Resistance - can be active or passive, a person or an event (i.e. Harper’s Ferry)

    Reform – can be a law, or an act (i.e. Freedmen’s Bureau)

    Key Words – assimilation

    Concepts – Land Ordinance of 1785, Louisiana Purchase

    EventsPlessy v. Fergeson


    Innovations (20?s)

    Innovations – Barbed wire, Bessemer Process, Airplane, Mail-order catalog, Reaper, Plow, Cotton Gin, Kodak Camera, Revolver, Steamboat, Sewing machine.

    Geography of Innovation – Demands, Needs and Abilities of North, South and West

    Effects of Innovation – population, industrialization, transportation


    Chicago (20?s)

    Growth of Chicago – Geography, immigrants (2 phases), railroad expansion

    Disaster (Fire) and Recovery (Colombian Exposition)

    Labor and Strife – key people (labor leaders) and events (strikes/protests)

    Economic systems (Capitolism, Communism and Socialism)

    The Robber Barons


    Reform (23?s)

            Origins of reform

            Aims of Progressivism (4 of ‘em)

            Role of: scientific management, the media (newspapers, authors and photographers), the middle class, reform politicians, women, monopolies, World War I

            Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson


        Imperialism and WWI (27?s)

            Define it!

            Relate it to: Manifest Destiny, Spanish-American War, Hawaii, yellow journalism, yellow fever, Roosevelt’s Corollary, the foreign policy objectives of Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson.

            Causes (Europe), just the MAIN ones, you know - Causes (U.S. Involvement); 3 of them

            Norris and Wilson

            Weapons of war – The submarine, poison gas, machine gun, trenches    

            Effects of the war on Free Speech (Schenck)

            The Big Four

            14 Points vs. Treaty of Versailles