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School_of_Athens.jpg (40795 bytes) RtPurple.jpg (777 bytes) Raphael's The School of Athens portrays a collection of thinkers from across an historical spectrum, each represented in an animated scene of discussion.  The perspective of the piece and its use of both Greek and Roman principles of art mark it as an important piece of Renaissance art.
RtPurple.jpg (777 bytes) At the center of the work, Raphael frames Plato and Aristotle beneath a Roman arch.  Plato, points upward, gesturing toward one of two important themes of the Renaissance, Faith. Aristotle's hand motions downward with an open palm, making reference to Reason, the second theme of the Renaissance. Plato_and_Aristotle.jpg (35711 bytes)
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Melancholia.jpg (22863 bytes) Melancholia_detail.jpg (25099 bytes) RtPurple.jpg (777 bytes) German Albrecht Durer mastery of woodcutting led to Melancholia, the potrayal of a sad, forlorn angel who is surrounded by objects associated with the Medieval world.   As the sun rises in the background, a new era is dawning
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RtPurple.jpg (777 bytes) Probobly the greatest achievement of the Renaissance, if not art in general, is Creation on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, completed by Michelangelo, the sculptor who did not wish to paint.  The whole ceiling (549k file) portrays the story of creation from the book of Genesis.  Michelangelo's vision of these moments mark him as a true artist with an individualism characteristic of the Renaissance. God_Man.jpg (45749 bytes)
RtPurple.jpg (777 bytes)  The giant of Florence, The David, is 18 feet of mastery, a level of realism achieved only by the Greeks; although, Michelangelo surely thought he surpassed them.  The detail Michelangelo captures in David, at the moment he decides to fight, is again, a pinnacle of artistic achievement. David.jpg (11594 bytes)David_detail.jpg (17330 bytes)


Pieta.jpg (19534 bytes) RtPurple.jpg (777 bytes) The Pieta of St. Peters portrays mother and child at the moment of his death.  Michelangelo was 23 when he completed this work.
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Mona.jpg (13991 bytes) RtPurple.jpg (777 bytes) The most recognizable portrait in the world, The Mona Lisa, was done by the Renaissance's most famous person:  Leonardo da Vinci.  A master of many arts, the Mona Lisa remains the art world's most intriguing portrait.
RtPurple.jpg (777 bytes) A lesser-known work, The Last Supper, portrays Jesus and his disciples at the moment he tells them of his fate.  Their reactions are framed in a perspective that mirrors that of Raphael's The School of Athens last_supper.jpg (50371 bytes)