Persuading Your Colleagues

   The year is 1305 and change is in the wind. Across the rural fields of southern France, talk centers around the growing monarchy to the north. As a member of an influential hatmaking guild, your curiosity in the king is only equaled by your concern. Your hats, well-made and desired by the well-to-do in surrounding towns, are your lifeblood. Other members of the guild, who enjoy a prosperity never seen in this area since the centuries after Caesar, have guarded enthusiasm. They don't wish to rock the boat, but also fear retaliation if they don't fall in line and support the new monarchy. In addition, local leaders of the church have expressed concern and even doubt regarding the monarchies sincerity when it came to Christ and the Cross. But other members of the town see their interests served best by the crown, not by any feudal lord.
    As an influential member of the guild, you have been asked to speak to the guild at a meeting at the blacksmith's barn, one-inch before sundown Wednesday. They value your ability to weigh the positives and negatives and deliver a clear message to the other members.
    Prepare your speech to the guild. Do you support the new monarchy? Be sure you convince your audience that you understand the current way of life and how you believe the monarchy will change it. They're trusting you to guide them through to continued prosperity. Do you have what it takes? Take a stand and defend it!