Pitchfork John

Selling the idea of "faith alone" was a difficult task, especially if the customer was a peasant who's world was composed of a smorgasbord of Christian virtue and medieval menaces. To the German peasant (or any peasant for that matter) death lurked behind every corner, just as the woodcuts of Albrecht Durer had so passionately illustrated. Pitchfork John would have had a difficult time understanding the theology behind Luther's teachings, but there is one thing he would have embraced: the disgust for the Pope. The simple fact of money leaving Germany for a church in Rome outraged many people. What it was spent on once it got there didn't help either. And the deviant behavior of many men and women of the church was well known. Since the existence of peasants was so delicate, their livelihood dependent on nearly everything outside their control, the emotions of people like Pitchfork John ran high.