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...or the Week of October 11, 1999


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Review Minorities Chart
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) 1/2-Day Testing/Institute
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) TEST - Minorities
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Review Test - Begin Innovations

...for the Week of October 4, 1999


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Dances with Wolves excerpt - READ 13.1
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Nowhere to Run
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) QUIZ over Black and Native Americans - 3.2, 8.2, 9.2, 7.3, 13.1
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Start Mormons - READ pgs. 264-265
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Mormons and Women - TEST over Minorities on WED - READ 8.3

...for the Week of September 27, 1999


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Reconstruction and Attempts at Reform
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Begin Native Americans - READ 9.2
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Indian Culture - Assign Destiny of the Race
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Trail of Tears - READ 7.3 - Assign Trail of Tears Paragraph
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) "In the White Man's Image" video

...for the Week of September 20, 1999


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The Middle Passage - Excerpt from Amistad - READ 8.2 - Assign Slavery and the Law
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Resistance to Slavery - Complete Black Americans/Repression boxes on chart
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Begin Countdown to Civil War - SKIM 10.1, 10.2 and 10.4
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Countdown to Civil War
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Institute Day - No School

...for the Week of September 13, 1999

Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Introduce Minorities - Repression, Resistance, Reform - READ 3.2
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Origins of American Slavery

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   While we often define Minorities by color, religion or culture, the best definition involves concepts of power and influence. By definition, minorities lack access to the tools of influence that the majority has.  The story of the collective struggle by minority groups to increase their access mirrors the broader study of U.S. History.  During our study of Minorities, we will look at three themes: 

rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Repression
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Resistance
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Reform

In looking at historical events thematically, we hope to bridge the gap between the past and the future.  The colors, religions and cultures will change.  The particulars and patterns of Repression, Resistance and Reform will not.

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Descent or Delay - Chapter 10 Key Terms

Nowhere to Run - Native Americans try to resist white America

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Chapter 3.2 Chapter 8.2
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Define the plantation economy - cash crops and labor rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Roots of abolition - Garrison and the Liberator
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) The slave trade and its origins rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Role of Free blacks - Walker and Douglass
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Stono Rebellion - The South tightens their grip...why? rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Effect of Turner's rebellion on pro-slavery forces
Chapter 9.2 Chapter 7.3
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Define and understand Manifest Destiny; rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Indian Removal Act was "generous" according to Jackson.  Why?
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) The failures of the Fort Laramie Treaty; rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) The Cherokee win in court...then Jackson moves them anyway;
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) The trails that were laid that doomed Native Americans. rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) The Trail of Tears
Chapter 13.1 Pgs. 264-265
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) The importance of the Buffalo and massacre at Sand Creek; rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Palmyra and the foundations of Mormonism
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Gold, Homestead Act spells disaster for N.A. rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Joseph Smith and the model town at Nauvoo
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Final Chapters: Custer's Last Stand and Wounded Knee rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Brigham Young and the Trail of Hope to Utah
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Dawes Act, assimilation and the Carlisle Indian School


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