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...for the Week of November 29, 1999


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QUIZ over 12.1, 12.2, 12.3 & 13.1
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) The Age of Faith in Stone - The Cathedral at Chartres
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) The Black Death - READ 13.2
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) The Troubled Church - READ 13.4
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) TEST - The Middle Ages - 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 13.1, 13.2 and 13.4

...for the Week of November 22, 1999


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Rise of Islam and the Crusades
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Cathedrals
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Cathedrals
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Turkey Break
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Turkey Break

...for the Week of November 15, 1999


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Intro Middle Ages - The City of God - READ 12.1
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Charlemagne - Epitaph assignment - READ 12.2
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) The Medieval Manor and Feudalism
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Castles - READ 12.3
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Castles

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    Charlemagne, Castles, Crusades, Cathedrals and Christianity.    When the stones of the western world could no longer lean on Rome, life in Europe spiraled downward. A darkness fell, heralding a giant leap backward from the glory of the Eternal City and all that she helped create the previous 1,000 years.  Small manors replaced large cities, subsistence farming replaced international trade and the power of the Church replaced the organization and the ultimate authority of the Empire.  The Middle Ages  were less at time of chivalrous romance, and more one of harsh realities.  Death was common before 30; if malnutrition did not set in, the Vikings or plague surely did.  One glimmer of hope remained:  Christianity.   To medieval Christians, God was very real, lurking around every corner, giving and taking life as he saw fit.  Like the Egyptians who built pyramids to honor their kings, medieval Europe built grand cathedrals, houses for God.  But following the Crusades, Europe began to look outwards again, and a reawakening led to the belief, once again, that not only God, but man was capable of all things.

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The City of God - St. Augustine contrasts the Roman and Christian worlds

The Medieval Manor - What most called home

The Feudal Order - The system of obligations that kept the medieval world together

Castles - Age of Feudalism in Stone

Cathedrals - Age of Faith in Stone

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rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Charlemagne's rule cast the first light on Europe in three centuries.  His organization and emphasis on education preserved enough of western culture that prevented it from extinction. On Christmas Day, 800 AD,  Charlemagne was crowned King of the Franks by Pope Leo III, solidifying Church authority over the State. rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) The medieval manor remained home for most peasants.   Working from the first sun, peasants were obliged by feudal obligations to work the lord's land.  The lords gift in return was providing security for the serfs, who could in no way defend themselves against the Vikings and other nomads. rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) In this Age of Faith, God, believed to be the Great Geometer who created all things, was a powerful force that kept hope alive amid death and despair.
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rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) For protection against the invading Vikings and other nomads, strong lords built castles.  Above, a Scottish castle that has one square tower and one round, an indication that it was a castle built just after  Y1K. rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) The crusades were a landmark event in history.   Following the taking of Jerusalem by the Muslims, Pope Urban's plea for an army to take back the city destroyed feudalism, reconnected isolated towns and revealed to the Europeans just how far they had fallen behind the rest of the world. rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) As towns became cities, and agricultural interests turned to trade, cathedrals rose from the ground toward the heavens they represented.   Designed to fitting houses for God, cathedrals, like this one at Chartres, in France, were the pinnacle of Gothic architecture, with pointed arches, walls of glass, and tall spires that served as beacons to traveling pilgrims.
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rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Just as large spaces invite our eyes upward today, the nave of Chartres did so as well, but to a greater degree.  Most medieval eyes had never seen a structure of such grandeur.  On the floor at Chartres, a labyrinth that represented the pilgrimage a Christian would make in his or her lifetime. rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Stained glass told biblical stories to those who could not read, but more importantly, let light, the representation of God, into the cathedral. rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) The monastery was the center of life for monks who gave up their life for stewardship to God.  The illuminated texts they painstakingly created are yet another testament to the Age of Faith.

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Chapter 12.1 Chapter 12.2
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Clovis, Martel, Pepin and Charlemagne - contributions to unity rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) How and why did the manor function?
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Significance of 800 AD rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Structure of Feudalism (Obligations!)
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Cause and effect of Viking invasions rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Life in 999
Chapter 12.3 Chapter 13.1
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Importance of the church and it's teachings rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) The Crusades - 1st through 4th - How successful?
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Monastic Life - illuminations rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) For the messiah...or for money?
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Heresy and the Inquisition rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Effects of the Crusades
Chapter 13.2 Chapter 13.4
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Causes of expansion, Agriculture > Trade rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Babylonian Capt. and Great Schism - significance?
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Importance of guilds and the rise of the middle class rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) What forces were weakening the Church?
rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Scholasticism - go easy on the Lit. and Art rt_arrow.jpg (780 bytes) Wycliffe and Hus - the Church creates martyrs for the opposition


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