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... for the Week of May 8, 1999


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White Man's Burden - READ 27.2
Tuesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) "Zulu" - READ 27.3
Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) India - READ 27.4
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) China
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) TEST - Nationalism and Imperialism 26 & 27 - Map

... for the Week of May 1, 1999

Wednesday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Intro Imperialism
Thursday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) Partition of Africa - READ 27.1
Friday WB00684_.gif (1100 bytes) 1/2 Day - Partition of Africa

    King Leopold of Belgium coined Africa best:  It was a "magnificent cake," one large enough for everyone to share. Driven to feed the industrial monsters and satisfy their Greed and their God, Europe descended upon the Dark Continent from the mid-1800s until the First World War.  In between was a brutal scramble that left tensions between European nations high, and millions of Africans dead.  While Europe claimed to be only exercising its natural paternal role, indigenous tribes resisted.  But in the face of western technology, they faced bloody odds.  While culture spread and learning increased in Africa, the longest legacies were not good ones.  So to was the case in India and China.  Manipulative European nations took advantage of these nations, hoping to use them as gateways to trading with the east.  But the Sepoy Rebellion in India and the Boxer Rebellion in China made the native feelings clear.  Europeans were not wanted, but their influence would continue into the 20th century.

The Partition of Africa Maps

Despite his name, a cross-continent railway is of what Cecil Rhodes dreamed.  It will never, to this day, be realized, smothered by the collective western greed.

Chapter 27
Section One Section Two
So...why did Europe imperialize? 4Ms, 2Gs France, Britain, Egypt and the Canal
What forms of Imperialism were practiced...and by whom. Know the general regions of the major players
Importance of Kipling's sonnet Brutal Belgians, plus the importance of Menelik II
Section Three
India - British domination - cotton, ports China - spheres of Influence
Famine + Disrespect = Sepoy Rebellion Unequal treaties + Opium Wars = Boxer Rebellion
Civic projects...but political domination Sun Yet-sen and independence

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