Three millenniums ago, where three continents meet, the most fertile land in the Ancient world was called home by hundreds of nomadic tribes seeking their place in the world.   Their location was a curse and a blessing.   The highly-desired land sandwiched between the Mediterranean and the Tigris and Euphrates rivers was a link to life:  whoever possesses the land, would live; whoever did not, would perish in the unforgiving cycle of heat, drought and flood.  The nine civilizations below did have their time in the sun.  Each  reached a level of achievement and  made significant contributions to the western world.

Each group will be assigned one of the following civilizations.  Using the links provided, information in your text and those presented in class, you will be making a tri-fold brochure highlighting the accomplishments of your civilization.  Your brochure should:

  • Define and develop a focal point/key idea/prominent feature for your civilizations;

  • Contain appropriate images, including a map; 

  • Summarize key information concerning your civilization;

  • Connect the culture of your civilization to the geography that surrounded it.


General Mesopotamian Links