The Charleston

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Radio.jpg (1373 bytes) Click on the radio to listen to a sample of Charleston music

1. Loosen up! Point your toes in and your elbows out.

2. To the beat of the music, point your toes out and your elbows in. Repeat several times.

3. Start by throwing your right foot diagnally back and right arm across your body forward. Repeat with your left leg and arm.

4. Bring right foot forward and place it  just in front of your left. Right arm follows.

5. Bring your left foot up and give a good high kick. Follow with left arm.

6. Bring your left foot back and give two quick kicks diagonally back.

7. Once you've kicked twice, put the left leg down diagonally in back of you. Repeat steps 1-7 three times then move on to 8.

8. Bend forward and place your hands on your knees.

9. Bring your knees in and switch hands with your knees.

10. Repeat steps 8-10 three times and then return to step 1.