World History 2nd Semester Final

The Map!

Chapter 17 - Age of Exploration

Prince Henry the Navigator, mercantilism

Exploration and England, France Spain and Portugal caravel

(why? when? & how?) entrepreneurs


Chapter 19 - Age of Monarchies

absolute monarchs, Sun King

Louis XIV (length of his reign), St. Petersburg

royal authority in Russia, gentry

Peter the Great L’etat, c’est moi (Louis XIV)

absolutism, Thirty Years War

Chapter 20 - The Enlightenment

Monarchs and the Enlightenment; Hobbes and Locke

English parliamentary system (structure)

Chapter 21 - English Revolution

The American Revolution, English Civil War

(social, political & economic reasons) English government after the Civil War

joint stock companies, Oliver Cromwell & Charles I

increase in business activity (1600’s), Glorious Revolution

limited monarchy in Britain Britain and the American colonies

James I & Charles I Navigation Acts

The Declaration of Independence, absolute monarchy in France & Russia

Chapter 22 - French Revolution

problems in France prior to the Revolution, economic collapse of the French Monarchy

Tennis Court Oath, The Declaration of the Rights of Man

The National Assembly (political spectrum), The Reign of Terror

economic measures, failure to stay in power, Danton, Robespierre, Louis XVI

the three Estates & The Estates General The Bastille

European monarchy’s response to the French Rev the Jacobins, the Mountain

popular support for the French Revolution, mob rule

Bourgeoisie, Émigrés

Directory Napoleon: rise to power, reign & downfall

Napoleonic Code, Napoleon’s Army

Napoleon’s military strategy, Napoleon’s Russian Campaign

Metternich (principles, system), Legacy of the French Revolution

 Chapter 23 - Industrial Revolution

The Domestic System, Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions

Britain’s industrial success, labor unions

industrial working conditions, child labor

Industrial Revolution and the European class structure

Chapter 24

Marx’s theories, Ricardo’s theories

Darwin’s theories, Communism, Capitalism

Adam Smith Industrial Rev.  (impact on medicine & biology)

Chapter 25 (Czaplak only)

political change in 19th century Britain, political protest in France in the 19th century

political rights in Britain in the early 1800’s "Citizen King"

British politics (Whigs-Tories à Liberal-Conservative) Empire of Napoleon III

Chapter 26 - Nationalism

Sardinia & Prussia, obstacles to German unification

Bismarck, Bolsheviks

Ottoman Empire – "The Sick Man of Europe" Nationalism

Risorgimento, Realpolitik

Russification, William I

Nicholas II, Emperor Francis Joseph

Giuseppe Garibaldi, militarism

Pogrom, Zemstovs

Victor Emanuel II, Autocracy

Chapter 27 - Imperialism

Imperialism, "White Man’s Burden"

Suez Canal, British indirect rule

Sepoy Rebellion, Britain & India

China and trade with the west, Opium War

Spheres of influence, assimilation

Ferdinand de Lessops, David Livingstone


Chapter 28 - The Great War

The Balkans, Alliance system

Conflicts prior to WWI, Unrestricted Submarine Warfare (USW)

Propaganda, Russian Revolution

Wilson and the "architects of peace," Balance of power prior to WWI

Schlieffen Plan, Britain’s entry into WWI

Stalemate, The Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram,

Lenin’s rise to power, "make the world safe for democracy"

Treaty of Versailles & the Congress of Vienna, results of WWI