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Witnesses Background Information Trial Procedures
Karl Marx
Adam Smith
Sir Robert Peel
  As Dickens authored a grim biography of urban England, and Malthus warned of impending population doom, a German philosopher was championing the exploited masses who toiled in the dark corners of the new industrial world. Believing change came about only through great struggle, Karl Marx had dreams of transforming the world at a time when radical change was universally rejected by the established elite.    The trial will begin with the lead attorneys from both sides issuing Opening Statements. The Opening Statement presents the respective opinions of the prosecution or defense in the case. The Opening Statements are brief (2-3 minutes) yet give sufficient background information and preview what the jury will see and hear from their side during the trial.
David Ricardo
Charles Dickens
Sarah Carpenter
Charles Darwin


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George Hudson
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
David Rowland