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    In the 1950s, the new interstate system became a sign of American prosperity and laid the foundation for the growth of the suburban family.   Consistent with a consumer culture that could trace its roots back to the '20s, billboard advertising became a common sign of the times.  These billboards reflected the values of post-war America.

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WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Many billboards served as benchmarks for the new American family.  This Ford advertisment defined the suburban dream: 4 Bedrooms, 3 baths and 2 Fords.  The race to keep up with the Jones' officially began. WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) The billbards also reinforced the well-defined gender roles that emerged in the '50s.  Mom had her errands to run and Dad took time for himself on the weekends, making two cars a must.


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WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) Two cars?  What the '50s housewife really needed was two ovens - separate and complete!  Again, mom is shown in her traditional role of homemaker, daughter eagerly looking on.  Can you picture the house these two live in?


WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes)This ad for Eddy's Bread also helped reinforce gender roles.  It was mom who fed the boys, the sandwiches she made calling her son and his neighborhood friends over for a snack.
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WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes)Ads also defined a certain standard of living.   Things had to be clean and sanitary.
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